“Kaleidoscycle” is a kinetic stained glass sculpture installed in the lobby of Inman Park Dentistry in Atlanta, GA.

Alex Rodriguez, DMD, contacted Creative Stained Glass Studio several months ago after seeing our “Tour de Verre” series also based in Atlanta. He is an avid cyclist, a fellow public artist, and wanted to reflect that love in the aesthetics of his office. He approached us with the idea for the Kaleidoscycle and we were immediately open to it.

Alex gave us five wheels of varying sizes and gave us free reign to fill them with glass and metal designs. Before installing the piece, Rodriguez had a custom made quiet motor made specially for the piece. Now, the Kaleidoscycle is mounted on a wall in the dentist’s lobby, visible to any street-goers peeking in.Because no sunlight hits the piece directly, the installation is carefully lit to make sure that the beauty of the glass is seen in full effect.

The artwork creates a unique, memorable, experience for Rodriguez’ patients. As an added bonus, he tells us it truly comes to life at night as seen from the street. The project really shows the role art can play in connecting a practice or business with patients,clients and a community.

Working on this project was a true pleasure for us, and we congratulate Dr. Rodriguez on his vision and execution.