Here is a video of a recently completed sculptural installation. It is another in our glass/wheel series. The AMLI Ponce Park luxury apartments near downtown Atlanta, Georgia, commissioned the piece. They have a bicycle theme as part of their decor and saw that our bicycle art series would be a perfect fit in their stunning community space.

Titled Tour de Verre (Tour of Glass), the sculpture celebrates the joy of an active lifestyle, and bicycling in particular. In this piece we utilized bike wheels and other pieces of hardware that had reached the end of their practical lives in order to show that it is never too late to embrace a more physical life. The colorful mouth blown glass illustrates the vitality that is the reward. The wheels follow a 38 foot long steel ribbon which represents the “Tour” of life and all its tumultuous challenges.

The design team was lead by Keeley Musgrave with support from Michael Shields. The installation was lead by Matthew Durbin.

We want to thank everyone we worked with at AMLI. They were extremely professional and an absolute joy to work with. It was incredibly rewarding to see their happy response once the installation was in place.

*Video is best viewed by changing the settings to the highest resolution (1080p)